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Yellowstone and Glacier 2012

UK 2012

Minami Alps 2012

Kita-Ho 2010

Jounen-Yari horseshoe 2010

Grand Canyon trip 2011

Ishinomaki Volunteering 2011

Myoujin-ga-take 2010

Tonotake 2010

Jounen-dake 2009

Yellowstone 2009

Kurobe Gorge 2008

Senjo-ga-take and
Kaikoma-ga-take 2009

Kita Alps Summer 2007


Karasawa Curl

Kita Alps 2006

Oshima 2006

Beach Festa 2005

Hotakadake trip

kita alps

  Kita Alps


Minami Alps Trip

The danger of disk brakes and
quick release front wheels

Hakone Trip 2003

Visit to Fuji-san

Golden Week Cycling Tour


Transrockies Challenge

Autumn trip to Kyoto

Tanzawa Traverse

Karuizawa holiday

Off-road commute

Various local gardens.

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Our house....in the middle of our street

Where we live.
Where we don't live.

Here's a view of Fuji-san, Japan's highest mountain.


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